Testimonials…. from Brian Stace Fans

“Brian’s show was one of the best I have seen at my club, in my 13 years of managing”

Caroline Clanton, The Dry Bean Madison, WI…

“You guys were tighter than any other band that has opened for me this year”

Shooter Jennings, Big Bear Mountain, CA

“My Band and Tour Manager said I missed the show, you guys Rocked the House”

Darryl Worley, House of Blues, Hollywood, CA

“You Guys can play here anytime, I still don’t know how you got this Hip Hop crowd out there dancing to your Country Music”

Larry Raab, Raab’s Steak House Rustin, Louisiana

“Man you guys put on a show I want you to come play at my race track this summer”

Bobby Rutledge, City Motorsports, Monroe, LA

“If you like Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, etc. – then you should check out Brian Stace – better looks, better voice, better songs and (after seeing him work in our studio) way better personality…. Brian Stace could be the new kid in town on CMT or GAC easily!”

Jennifer Herold, Artist Manager
Little Dog Records Burbank, CA

“This guy has it together and will go far!”

Roger Allen
Program Director
WKEA 98.3 Radio
Scottsboro, AL

“We just finished the pre-master CDR of your new album, and can only tell you that after mastering over 10,000 albums from all genres of music, I rarely get so enthusiastic over the first release of a new artist…Your talent and the quality of this recording is truly up there with the ranks of many of today’s top country recording artists. This album is great…and I anticipate a bright future awaiting you. Looking forward to working with you again soon.”

Fred Tushinsky, President

CD Labs, Inc. North Hollywood, CA

Hey Brian,

I wanted to let you know that Bill Gregory from KRXT in Rockdale, TX just called me to tell me what a great bunch of guys you were. He said he really had a good time with you and the whole visit was really cool. It’s not everyday that I get PD’s calling me to tell me what a great time they had so you must have really made quite an impression! Way to go~Bill also asked me to make sure I let you know that anytime you are in the Rockdale area again he would love to get you over to the station for another visit.

Good job! Mandy


I just had to share with you my “Brian Stace” story. When Mandy offered me the interview and show, I really didn’t understand, at that point, what was being offered.

After Brian and his band arrived in Ruston, he took the town by storm. I mean that honestly. During the interview I learned that he was in a plane crash, and that was the event that changed his life. He knew he wanted to be a Country Singer and that he wanted to get married and have children. Brian sold his medical equipment sales business and started doing everything that would help him reach those goals. That takes courage. Our listeners tapped into that very quickly and the calls went out the roof.

He did a show for us at the Mall here (free). For a station with a very small promotional budget that really was nice for us to offer that to our listeners, we called it a Holiday Treat for Z 107.5 listeners….Did they ever put on a show. I haven’t seen a band work like that in years. After that, they received a request to play at the local children’s home. They were more than happy to help out. Then they were asked to play at the local concert hall here called Rabbs.Willie Nelson, Dierks, Gary Allan, Pat Green and many others play there almost on a weekly basis. Rabb’s loved them and plan on having them back soon. They also made a stop in Monroe and played a set at the Landing. Another large event hall here.

The guys really worked hard, and played even better. Brian worked the crowd like a seasoned pro. He has all of the tools to be really big in this business. The ladies especially loved him, he signed tons of pictures and CD’s for folks. Even when they were tired, they never stopped.

I know he will be back here many times in the future. If you choose to share this e-mail with other stations, they may feel like I may have a personal interest and that may be the reason I am sharing this. I assure you it’s not. I am in a market that shares listeners with stations in Monroe and Shreveport, stations that have big budgets. Getting promotions like this, that are listener friendly, shows for the clients and listeners, and all free, help me compete; and as hard as Brian and his band worked for us, the least I can do is pass the word on how well it work for us. Besides all of that, Brian, the band (Chris, Nelson, and Gary), the music, was all really, really great.

Stations can feel free to call me and I will be glad to tell them personally how well it all worked for us.

Sincerely, Stance A. Bingham
Program Director KXKZ Radio
500 N. Monroe Street Ruston, LA 71270 318-255-5000

“…We are enjoying your excellent country music here in Portage, WI…I was very excited to get your CD and put it on our jukebox. Your strong voice and “real country” sound are what this country needs and longs for in music. I grew up with “old country”- Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, etc. and I know great country music when I hear it. And your it! I now have your full CD on the jukebox and will be keeping it there for a long time to come. Thank you for giving us some of the best music we’ve ever heard…”

Kathy Hoover, Owner Don’s Wagon Wheel Portage, WI

“I went to the Wagon Wheel Bar last night, a bunch of guys were playing pool and they kept playing your record over and over, they loved it. It really gets the place going-that other stuff kinda just runs on and on. Rocking CD Brian keeps it up!!”

Jim (WI)

“Brian is a charismatic natural born talent who came to me with a vision for himself as a modern country music performer. His newly discovered voice graces his recordings with a magical touch that makes the music tracks charming and catchy.”
Mark Christian, Producer

Brian’s Concert was a great success and I would like to thank you for all your help. If we could get more people to do concerts here that would be great. Brian is a nice guy and so is his whole crew. There was a great turn out and everyone had a lot of fun. Thanks. We also want to know if we could get some of his cd’s so we can give them out and get his music out to the public. Once again thanks

Kylle Marshall
KNFT Radio, New Mexico

Hey Brian,

Wow! Had a great time last night…gotta say it…you frickin’ ROCK! Not sure if I had more fun seeing everyone, or dancing!? I am SO hung over today, but it’s cool when it’s all worth it!

I joined the mailing list, so hopefully, I’ll keep tabs on when you’re around, or when you’re in Vegas (one of my favorite places). ENJOY doing what you love…you don’t look like you do at all ; )

Take care, Mary Anne

Brian, I just wanted to thank you for your performance on our base (TQ-Iraq). Although the weather wasn’t the greatest you played on, and we all appreciated it. Your attitude was different than other performers that have come by here, you seem to really support us. It was an honor to hear you sing, and awesome getting your autograph. Good Luck In The States! A United States Marine,


From: LaDon [mailto: lpwhitton@awesomenet.net] Sent: Monday, November 06, 2006 1:44 PM
Subject: Mom of Soldier in Iraq

Hello my son is at Camp Spicher in Iraq were you preformed last month. He told me he really enjoyed and loved your performance. He had asked if I could try and find your cd’s for him. I thought I would try and contact you and see if their would be anyway that he could get your cd’s with your autograph on them??? I would pay for the cd’s if I needed to. I also would like to thank you for what you did for their moral it’s been a while since I heard him talk about something with so much excitement. If you could please let me know what I can do about getting the cd’s for him.

Thank you
LaDon Whitton


Just wanted to tell you that I though your performance at The Bean was great! I was
on the fence about whether to go or not – tired from work/kids/life.
I figured it would be a fun, but honestly, it far exceeded my
expectations. What a great time!! I wish you the best of luck.


Hey everyone-
Awesome performance last evening at the Dry Bean Saloon! Hope you come back soon!
Laurie Lane

Omg I had so much fun last night!!! That was so cool getting up on stage to sing but if I ever do it again make sure and warn me on what song! I was listening to that song on the way over to the dry bean. But i got up on stage and i couldn’t remember a thing. But i had so much fun!!! Thanks for the greatest night ever!!!!!

Love ya, Shyla Reigstad

Hey Brian,

I had a great time at the Dry Bean last night. I hope you get to your next level as you call it as you and your band certainly deserve it. I love the pictures from over in Iraq on your site-what a great thing you did. Like you said they sure are deserving and we really have no idea what goes on over there. Well until next time-take care.

Mary Fryk, WI

Mona (Reigstad) Willis

Hey Brian,

Just wanted to let you know that my son Brad and I loved what we saw of your show last night at the Dry Bean. (We met you over at Ronnie & Laurie’s last year in case the name is not familiar). Brad has been sick and was getting tired, so we only stayed for about an hour but we really enjoyed it. We also saw you sing on NBC15 and thought you did a great job.

Since we didn’t get to talk to you in person, I just wanted to pass along our feedback and tell you to keep up the good work. Brad likes the “Honey Get Your Clothes Off…” video and my favorite song is “The Next Best Thing”. I also loved the “Walk of Shame” song and Brad thought the “Wanda”

song was cool. Anyway, we had a great time listening to your music and hope to see you around DeForest next time you’re there.

Kris Urban


Hey Brian, I met you out at the Big Bear chopper show. We went as friends of the Shooter Jennings band, and saw your band and it was a surprise, it was a great show. I listened to your cd this week and the song half a man sounds like a hit! Really

Please put me on the email show list. I want to see another show.

Hey Brian,

My sister Hayley & I met you Friday night at the house of blues. Just wanted to let you know your music is awesome. We looked up your website and i noticed that you are playing in Fontana on September 3rd. Are you playing at California speedway for the Nextel cup race? We are huge NASCAR fans and are there for every race and tailgate in the parking lot. Maybe we could all meet up? Email me back when you get a chance!


Hey Brian,

Just got home from seeing you @ the House of Blues and wanted to tell you again how amazing u were. I am going to buy your other CD (Country music ain’t noise pollution) through your website.. I would have bought it tonight but I didn’t see it.. Did you have it out for sale?? I told the people @ the HOB to give you your own concert there and they said that they were getting lots of positive feedback on you.. Hope that leads to something… When/Where are you performing next?? I will be there… And I promise to smile 🙂 (Even though I was smiling this time)

Take care and God Bless Big Kisses


Hey Brian,

I’m Judith Lovejoy, I was at the AURA evening last month and saw you for the first time. I actually came to see and support Jacee, having no idea how much I would enjoy your show and your music. . . .Jacee told me someone on your management team said the song about “Good Girls Go to Heaven” wasn’t right for recording. WRONG! That’s one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a winner and would probably be a hit as a single. I’m in the entertainment field myself and worked at Columbia Records many All the best of luck with your career. It’d be a kick to do a song.

Cheers! Judith


Just following up on yesterday’s (11/09/05) encounter. I am not too sure if you were the person we spoke to in Window Rock. I had the chance to visit the website and to listen to Brian. He’s a pretty good singer! Yesterday, I was very impressed with Brian. I thought that he was a down to earth person. I especially was impressed since he took the time to come out of the bus to meet my colleague and I. Well, since then an idea came to mind. I have a sister. In my opinion, she would make an excellent choice for Brian! So, I entered her in the contest this afternoon. I hope you will consider choosing my sister, Claudia Edgewater. I know the two will hit it off! Thanks for the wonderful experience. I enjoyed checking out Brian’s hands. Let him know that he will pass the “Navajo” inspection! Be safe and be happy!

Peace. Sylvia EdgeH20

Some of the most recent Radio Stations to play Brian’s Music:

FAB-AM Playlists (Sheffield, England)

Brian Stace “I Gotta New Woman” (BS / EHK)
Brian Stace “Red Blooded Country Girl” (BS / EHK)

Great music!

Would you like to have your music played on Radio Sotra in Norway?

Radio Sotra
Grenselaus country V/Paul Johansen
5341 Straume

City FM 97,7 show is on Wednesdays between 6-7 PM.

Marcus Thell

Vibynäsgatan 10
553 39 Jönköping

5605 David Strickland Rd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76119 Phillip Corder

tee-m’s “UNsigned Music Show” # 7 on WPMD’s

” w/ Mike Stark…. Sat. Oct. 23rd 11am – 1pm (pst) Live


Rainer Voss KRadio
Hamburg Hamburg – GERMANY

Dear Brian,
Your album is great and perfectly fits the format of
my show. I will give it significant airplay.
My favorite songs are:

– #1 I Gotta New Woman – #2 The Rooster – #3 Daddy’s Comin’ Home – #7 My Dog Don’t Bite – #8 She’s Gone

Again, thank you. I’m very grateful.
All the best,

Mathias Andrieu
Keep It Country!
NSEO 95.2 FM Paris, France

From the listeners…….

Strait France is happy to inform you that the Brian Stace official website is linked on his artists links page (sites d’artistes in french) . It’s with pleasure because Brian is a excellent artist and his music is great .

You must know that Strait France is the number one website in Europe about George Strait and works so much for the country music Please , forward Strait France congratulates to Brian .

Have a great day . Sincerely Agnès –

Hi, Brian! I don’t know whether or not you remember me…my name is Joanne B.xx I am a good friend of Wendy’s, and we used to unload hay at her parents’ farm. I just wanted to let you know it’s a GREAT album! I listen to it a lot…it’s upbeat and yet very country! I plan to share it with my friends!

Take care! Joanne

Brian I wanted you to know that I have spent a lot of time
with your CD and really, really like it a lot.. You have
an awesome voice with a very cool traditional sound. I
liked a few of the songs my first trip through. And
then I would say about the third or fourth listen I
was digging the shit out of the whole CD. I had every
song cranked up in the car. So I love the songs, voice
and traditional sound you have. You should be in
Nashville. . Just wanted to let you know your product
is worthy of Nashville in my opinion. If there is
anything I can do to help we should talk.

Jim R.Nashville, TN